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Nike Shoes Every Man Would Love to Wear

Nike makes a great athletic shoe, and this has been the case for several decades now. They are still both a great supportive shoe, and also a fashion statement. Young people, adults and even the elderly will go out and get the latest pair, while others even collect this venerated footwear. Nike is a very successful footwear company, and for one simple reason: they make a great product.


Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 might be the most popular shoe ever. They are undoubtedly a perennial favorite, and a mainstay on the Nike shoe line. They come in high, medium or low tops, and to many Nike fans, these might be the best shoes ever. They come in several different colors, go with most everything you might wear, all while providing excellent support. Built with superior comfort in mind, they are worn by those on the court, trendsetters and people that just like a fashionable shoe to wear.



The Nike Hyperdunk is marked by lightweight breathability, and is a hallmark of their basketball shoe line. This shoe also comes in over 20 color combinations, has flywire cables to enhance the fit, and extra padding in the collar for a super comfortable fit. There are also wraps on the sidewalls for stability and support. There is little question as to why this shoe is so popular amongst basketball players as well as those that just like some ankle support with their athletic shoes.



The Nike Air Max 90 Sneaker Boot are hard to even find in stock these days. This waterproof, warm, and yet are still a lightweight and comfortable sneaker boot. These are hugely popular, year after year, and can hardly be found anywhere during the holiday season. A key feature is a removable insole making the cleaning of the inside of the shoe easy, as well as making it easy to put the insoles through the wash. Winter is a messy season, so the waterproofing is another feature repeatedly earning 5-stars from owners.



The Nike Air Jordan Future is a shoe that is representative of the growing trend toward minimalism-in- design in running and casual athletic shoes. They come with a full-length version of the Nike signature “Max Air” cushion insole, making these very comfortable shoes. They are also sleek looking, with their gold-tipped laces are a nice finishing touch.



The Nike Lebron XI Basketball shoe is a huge hit amongst all athletic footwear fans, and even more so amongst athletes who require ankle support. This shoe also comes in over 30 color combinations, and it is just a nice looking model. They have flywire, which adjusts dynamically with each move, and a very light, durable, rubber outsole, to support moves on the basketball court. They are overall a great shoe, and that which was crafted for a champion!


Nike shoes have been refined over the years, and while they still carry some of the original models, the material has changed significantly, with lighter materials and breathability being key factors. It used to be hard to find the top model Nike shoes at brick-and-mortar establishments, but with the onset and subsequent growth of ecommerce in the past 15 years, Nike fans rejoiced over greater availability. This is not always the case, however, mainly because Nike makes some of the greatest athletic shoes on the planet, and sometimes their top models are even scarce online! This is a problem any company would like to have, and a problem customers will always lament them having!

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