Protect your House in Winter

How to Protect Your Home This Winter

It’s the time when unexpected storms and harsh weather can cause power outages in your neighborhoods and homes. You’ll want to be prepared in case this happens to you. No one wants a whole refrigerator of food spoiled because there is no power source for your appliances to keep you food or freezer cold. By the same token, no one wants to be without lights, candles, and other things that can help if your home goes completely dark at night time.


Here are some tips that will help you protect your home this winter.


1) Have flashlights available in several places in your home. Ensure one is upstairs, downstairs, and in the garage- and make sure they have working batteries. Just in case, always keep a small supply of batteries on hand. You should also have candles ready for light. As soon as the lights go out, you will be able to have these tools accessible so that you can see.


2) Invest in an emergency generator. Emergency generators are very affordable and many are portable. The WEN company makes several portable generators that you can use to plug in your appliances and charge your electronics, like your cell phones, in the case of an emergency. There are several to choose from, but you should check out which one will serve your needs. Consult the sites such as Generator Advisor containing portable generator reviews. The best portable generator is one that you can rely on for any sort of situation, so make sure it will do what you need it to do before you purchase.


3) Have a battery radio or a crank radio handy so you can keep in touch with weather conditions and when power is expected to be back up. This might seem like an unnecessary tool because cell phones are able to give you news, but a radio is great for giving you a constant local commentary on conditions in your area.


4) If you have to be on oxygen to live, or if you have special equipment you use that you have to charge for health reasons, the generator will be handy- but let the authorities and the power company know that the emergency is life and death for you so that they can prioritize your power over someone who doesn’t have these types of needs.


5) Be sure you have things like a manual can opener, and a pot you can put over your fireplace. Or, if you have camping gear like jetboils, be sure to get them out and use them if you get hungry and have to heat something up to eat it. Don’t forget about camping gear you do have- you might find something extremely useful that will help.


Best of luck this winter and I hope you don’t have to endure any power outages due to winter weather. Keep warm, stay safe, and take care of one another.

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